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Geoff Chapin is an entrepreneur and investor for several different companies, including being the founding investor in Phoenix Revolution Inc. Phoenix Revolution has a patented solution that reduces the power requirements and cost for reverse osmosis by over 70% each. Currently the product is at work for U.S. military units, cleaning up high toxicity wastewater in the energy sector, villages in Haiti, the Galapagos, and pilots in rural villages and towns in Vietnam, India, and Nepal. Geoff also is co-founder of Sea-Quester, which is working with the best seaweed farmers in the country on pilots to bring seaweed into cattle feed. Early studies have shown this can reduce methane emissions by over 95%, as well as make the animals healthier. He is also working with the United Nations, universities and the Qlik Software company to found SDG Engine, which aims to accelerate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) via a global database that will match companies providing sustainable solutions with countries and agencies that are looking for those solutions in order to meet the SDGs.


Previously, Geoff founded and was CEO of Next Step Living, a Boston company specializing in analyzing homes and making them more energy efficient. Prior to Next Step Living, Geoff served as a Senior Manager of the Bridgespan Group, a strategy consulting firm for public entities and non-profits. Prior to this, Geoff led teams at Bain & Company in the New York and San Francisco offices where he advised clients in the consumer products, telecom, and online industries amongst others. Geoff is a graduate of The Kennedy School of Government and MIT’s Sloan School of Management.